Comfort Zone Rebate

No matter what treatment option you choose for your dog’s atopic dermatitis, cost can be a concern. Which is why we offer a rebate for every 2-box purchase of ATOPICA® (Cyclosporine capsules, USP) MODIFIED – so, depending on the size of your dog and his dose, you can save up to $15 a month.

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Get a rebate on every 2-pack purchase of ATOPICA® with the Comfort Zone.

When you figure up the final costs of all the cheaper alternatives, you may well find that if you try ATOPICA sooner in the process, you will save money in the long run. Plus, you’ll make your dog feel better, faster.

ATOPICA for Dogs: Product Insert

As with all drugs, side effects may occur. In a field study, the most common side effects were gastrointestinal signs. Gingival hyperplasia and papillomas may also occur during the initial dosing phase. ATOPICA is a systemic immunosuppressant that may increase the susceptibility to infection. ATOPICA is not for use in reproducing dogs or dogs with a history of neoplasia.